Teddy Bear Fleece Throw Blanket Personalized



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Snuggle into the soft, cuddly folds of this fleece throw that celebrates the legend, lore & philosophy of the teddy bear. Makes the perfect gift for a longtime friend, and wraps you up in cozy comfort when reading a book or sitting by the fireplace. Polyester; imported. Machine wash. 62 1/2"x 52". Artwork by Teresa Kogut.

Size of this blanket opened flat is 64" x 36". 

The blanket is imported for general distribution and sale within the United States. I personally do all the monogramming from my professional sewing studio. My monogrammed towels consist of 2.5 to 3 inch bold lettering which is dependent on the number of letters and font selection.. An average 5 letter name embroidered in the BLOCK font consists of over 23,000 stitches. 

Please choice your font style when ordering. 

I use a contrasting thread color based on what I think will match best with the pattern however, the choice is yours. If you want a specific color just leave me a note.

Please remember to include the “Name” to be monogrammed on the blanket when your place your order.

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