POKEMON Pikachu hat with scarf mittens - Personalized



The item is imported for general distribution and sale. I personally monogram your "Name" from my professional sewing studio. My monogram's consist of bold lettering with an average embroidered blanket as sampled in the above picture having over 5000 stitches. 

Now offering the "Pokey" font see the sample picture with the name Jake.

Keep your head and neck warm and cozy with this 2-In-1 Hat and Scarf. Cute plush Pokemon everyone's favorite character Pikachu has an embroidered mouth and nose with plastic eyes. Pockets on each side of the scarf serve as hand-warmers. 

Cozy critter provides warmth in cold weather! 
Hat, 10" x 7"
Scarf, 30" x 5", on each side
Machine care

Please choice you font style when ordering. 

I use a black thread however, the choice is yours. If you want a specific color just leave me a note.

Please remember to include the “Name” to be monogrammed on the hat when your place your order.

Thanks for looking :)

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