Personalized Dora the Explorer 3 Ring Pencil Case Pouch - Monogrammed



Personalized Dora the Explorer 3 Ring Pencil Pouch
Our Pencil Pouch can be used for the storage of pens, pencils, markers etc. Monogrammed with your favorite Dora fans’ name it makes an ideal gift for children of all ages. Great Colorful zippered design, it provides maximum space for their favorite pens and pencils. A bonus Dora 6 pack pencil set is included with your purchase.

Please choice you style and alpha size when ordering.

I use a bright Green thread as I think it shows up best however the choice is yours. If you want a different color just leave me a note.

Please remember to include the “Name” to be monogrammed on the pouch when your place your order.

Thanks for looking!

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