Minnie Mouse Cheerleader Pocket Pillow Reading Pillow "She believed she could so she did" - Personalized



Welcome to the world of imagination and comfort with my new line of Pocket Pillows. What better gift to give a child than that of reading. Bedtime won’t be a problem anymore as they’ll count the minutes to story time

The pillow is 14”x14”. and can be purchased one of three ways, the pillow .case with pillow and book, the Pillow with case or just the pillow case all three can be with or without personalize. 

The pillow case can be machined washed and dry on low.

The pocket flap border of the case, white cuff can be personalized with the child's name. 

The book offered as an option with this listing is:

Get Your Spirit On!: Devotions for Cheerleaders Paperback

Get Your Spirit On! is for girls and young women who are already cheerleaders, aspire to be cheerleaders, or simply wish to cheer for God. This upbeat devotional offers one entry per week for 40 weeks (which should cover a typical cheer season) and features a prayer (Megaphone to Master); a scripture (Strength Training); a thought-provoking question (Fire Up!); a journaling section (Ready. Ok.), a say it out loud declaration (Give a Shout!) and an action step (Jump Into Acton!), as well as Fit Tips, Fast Stats about cheerleading, and words to actual chants and cheers.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


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