Carter's Baby Girl Bunny Soft Pink Security Blanket Lovey - Personalized



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Carter's Bunny Cuddle Blanket is a comforting friend for baby. The extra thick, super soft fabric and satin backing offers tactile stimulation. The animal head has a rattle inside for added enjoyment. The combination plush toy and security blanket goes anywhere baby goes.

The item is imported for general distribution and sale. I personally monogram your "Name" from my professional sewing studio. My monogram's consist of bold lettering with an average embroidered blanket as sampled in the above picture having over 4000 stitches.

Please choice your font style when ordering.

I use a bright thread however, the choice is yours. If you want a specific color just leave me a note.

Please remember to include the “Name” to be monogrammed when your place your order.

Thanks for looking :)

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