1D One Direction Band Pillowcase - Personalized



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A One Direction Pillowcase is sure to make your friends jealous! Any fan of the British-Irish boy band will love cozying up with this pop sensation. The Reversible Pillowcase (30"W x 20"L) doubles your obsession with a different design on each side. Made of microfiber for extra softness. Polyester. Machine care. .
• Bring your favorite boys home with you
• Monogrammed just for you
• Reversible Pillowcase, 30"W x 20"L
• Polyester
• Machine care

Personalized with your own name on it making it unique to you and you alone. You can select to have a name monogrammed on the front of the pillow case like Brianna or get it without monogram the choice is ours, 

Please remember to include the "Name" of the child which is to be monogrammed on the blanket at the time of order entry. Thank You

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